Sales Automation and Tracker

Sales being an integral part of business generation, Smalution Sales Automation Tool features assist an organization in planning what works best for their sales team. By planning the day to day activity and tracking location of the on-field sales personnel, a company can keep a check on the working efficiency of their sales team. This enables a company to devise a strategy to improve its sales team overall performance.

  • Streamline your on-field customers complete details in the system and track them on map. The customers on map feature lets a company know its presence and reach in a particular region and where the market is still untapped.
  • Inform and keep your sales personnel updated with the Offer campaigns/ Offer schemes for customers on the planned products.
  • Plan and keep your sales team updated about the on-field sales route in advance to avoid any confusion.
  • Allocate in advance the sales target for a product, route or customer to the sales team to meet company’s yearly objective. The sales target can be devised based on month or days or both as per company’s sales cycle.
  • Track your sales personnel daily on-field activity with the start time and end time through GPS. This tracking further level’s down by gathering minuscule detail of your sales personnel on-field working by tracing the last location of your sales personnel with date and time. Each and every customer visit gets confined in time; this lets a company know the particular time spent by the sales personnel with a particular customer.