Sales Automation Mobile App

Go Paperless with Smalution Sales Automation Mobile App! Smalution Sales Automation mobile app has been developed for convenience of sales team. Enter daily sales and customer details in the app that gets automatically updated and visible in the cloud crm. It’s a Perfect app to replace the entire sales sheet helping a company's sales team to focus more on customer and sales, rather than filling sales report or other day activities on paper.

  • Maintain and manage your retail customer list entered by the sales team through mobile app in cloud crm.
  • These customer details entered gets located on map in cloud crm that lets you know your tapped market and customer reach.
  • Enter daily sales order as per customer and the tool automatically calculates the offered rates including the scheme campaigns currently been run on a particular product or customer type. This minimizes efforts of calculation and data filling on paper.
  • Enter Distributor/Superstockist sales in mobile app that aids you in keeping tab of your primary sales too.
  • Enter the quantity of free sampling products been distributed to customers.  

Security is a crucial point for confidential data. This key feature sets Smalution Mobile app apart from others. The username and password of the mobile app will get authenticated only if the IMEI no. entered in the web app matches with the mobile app, if the username and the password entered is incorrect the mobile app will not get opened.